Best Local SEO Techniques That Yield Positive Results

Local SEO

If you are not a tech person, local SEO might be intimidating for you. Once you use local SEO, it might have a massive impact on your business. However, it is a highly competitive arena having various companies that intend to get on the top of the rankings.

You can make the most of local SEO only if your strategies are right. You need to come up with techniques that get you an edge in your field. You can even consider taking the assistance of professionals and obtain affordable local SEO services for your company. However, if you want to know about the best local SEO strategies, keep reading until the end.

Claim Your Company Listings

With time, you can create a listing for your company, and eventually, you might get to know about duplicate listings. It is crucial to:


  • Claim all listings under your company name
  • Remove any duplicates
  • Ensure the remaining listings’ data is correct and up-to-date.

You might think that finding all these listings is a bit challenging, but there are some excellent tools out there that you can use to make your process simple.

Add Location Pages to Your Site 

Remember that search engines crawl through your website and look for the most similar matches resulting in the search engine results page.

Once you have a particular landing page for each of your business locations, search engines can conveniently locate your listing and deliver a suitable location to the searcher.

You must include suite numbers and find out if you want a street, road, avenue, etc. Make sure you decide how it should be written, like in full or abbreviated. How you present the data on these pages would determine how you would update your information everywhere else.  With affordable local SEO services, you can get great help to do so effectively.

Better NAP Steadiness

If you want search engines to serve your company as a result for the user, your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) requires being steady everywhere. You must be choosier than expected here because it is not just about writing your name and address.

In case your company name includes Co., LLC, or Inc., it requires being included. Also, pay attention to suite numbers and how the avenue, street, and road are written and maintain consistency. It must be based on the location information shown on your website.

Keep Everything Updated on Google My Business

Each day, users on the internet depend on your business listings for the right information. It is hugely important for your SEO that it is easy and swift for the searcher to recognize.

Once you sign in to your Google My Business (GMB) account, ensure that your name, address, and phone number are right. You must also include:

  • A small but edifying description of your company
  • A link to your website and your working hours

Make sure that your listing is attractive; your logo must be the profile picture, and you might also update:

  • Interior photos
  • Exterior photos
  • Product photos

Remember that these should be high-quality images as pixelated, blurry images might appear sloppy and unprofessional.

In case you have more than one location, GMB has an assistive option for bulk uploading that makes updating your data easy and keeps everything organized.

 Gather Reviews 

Reviews are essential for any business. These are a local pack ranking aspect, and they even make your listing the center of interests.

In case you can tempt your satisfied customers to leave Google a valuable review for you as a thank you for a constructive experience, it might expand further than nearly any other local SEO tactic.

Once you check out the Local SEO stats of 2020, you will be convinced that local SEO has immense power to turn your company’s bottom line.

Hence, if you want to have a robust foundation on local search engine optimization, make sure that you do not miss any discussed techniques. And if needed, you can avail of the assistance of affordable local SEO services too.