6 Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to internet-based marketing activities for selling various goods and services. In this age, a lot of people are using the internet which makes businesses increase their awareness to advertise their goods and services online. Digital and traditional marketing are more or less the same – it is all about reaching the right customers at the right time. The following are 6 benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

 1. Low Cost

One thing you can’t beat in digital marketing is the low cost. If you are a startup business struggling for sales, this opportunity will mean a lot to you. For example, you can sign up for a low-cost email marketing provider and start sending out emails to customers on your mailing list. Google advertising platform allows you to set a budget for the amount you want to invest in each ad. When you find the right strategy, you will be able to increase your budget. On the other hand, traditional marketing costs are fixed and you at least need to spend a few thousand dollars to see results.

 2. Reach a Wider Audience

Digital marketing can reach a wider audience around the globe compared to traditional marketing. In the past, everyone relied on TV to get entertainment. Today, people mostly go to the internet to find entertainment. That is where it gives way to business advertising. If more and more people are using the internet, that means businesses also have to take their products and services online.

3. Reach a More Targeted Audience

Digital marketing can reach a more targeted customer audience. People see the ads for the things they are searching for. They type queries for the things they want to look up in the search box and relevant ads appear along with the search result. It is easier to reach targeted audiences with digital marketing. On the contrary, traditional marketing like newspaper and TV commercials are more general so their ads are not that targeted.

4. Easier to Keep Track of Your Performance

It is easier to keep track of the performance in digital marketing. You can access the stats on an analytics program which gives you an overview of all the activities of the users on your ads. You know what the user does after clicking on your ad for example the pages and websites he visits. You can learn about the keywords that get your ads the most conversions. However, with traditional marketing, you only know it works if you get sales. You can’t spy on the activities of the users who saw your ads in the newspapers to improve your marketing strategy.

5. Boost Your Brand

Digital marketing is good for brand development. Many times, in the newspaper, you have to compete with others for the ad space. So, it is very hard for you to spread the message about your brand with competitors for the ads space around. If you own a blog, you can blog several times a week and do other things to promote it for free on the search engine. When it gains visibility on the search engine, people will be able to easily get to know about your brand. With digital marketing, there is no need to be afraid about the limit of ad space since you can have a whole website to do your marketing. You can keep using the same blog to develop consistent brand awareness among the consumers.

6. Higher Engagement Rate

There is a higher engagement rate with digital marketing. You can interact with the consumers even before they show their responses. For example, on a social media site like Twitter, you can get a lot of instant responses to your tweet if you have a high number of followers. After posting a tweet about your product, dozens of people will post their comments and you can post your reply to start conversations with them. There are a lot of people who can share and comment on your tweets to spread your brand. You will need to be prepared to invest your time to interact with them. So, as you can see, you can get almost instant public attention with online marketing. If you did not see any result, it is an indication that the type of ad does not work with you.