The Olympiad is the biggest opportunity for the students to compete with each other. As Mathematics is one of the most famous subjects among the class 9th students, they are preparing for the competition for the future. Students are very eagerly preparing for the competitive exams. To make this competition interesting the mathematics Olympiad gives the platform for the class 9th students to compete with each other and enhance their knowledge for the future competitive exams.  

The International Mathematics Olympiad is considered one of the best sources for enhancing the knowledge and the capability of the students of class 9th. Class 9th is considered one of the most important classes in a student’s life. In this class, students make decisions for their career. They start preparing for the competitive exams like mathematics and science Olympiad.

While doing the mathematics Olympiad preparation students make some mistakes that bring the impact in the ranking and in the scorecard. 



Many students don’t take the preparation for the exam seriously and start preparing for the Olympiad in the end time, this makes the burden for the students in the end and they are not able to complete the syllabus earlier and don’t get time for the revision. Starting the preparation benefits in understanding the concepts better and you can also get the extra time for practicing the questions. The most important benefit of starting preparation earlier is to get the time for choosing the right books and content for the preparation.


Many students just start the preparation without planning the path of preparation. Without planning the strategy the journey becomes difficult for them, they feel stressed and not able to complete the syllabus earlier. Planning makes the path easy, planning helps in dividing the topics and making the daily schedule easy. Segregating the topics on different days helps in completion of syllabus earlier and understanding the concepts easily. Planning reduces the daily unorganized burden of syllabus.


The topics you have covered get erased when you are not preparing consistently. Consistency makes the habit of learning daily and improves in the development of learning and remembering skills. Many students face problems in remembering the topics due to lack of consistency in the preparation. There are more chances of skipping the topics when they are not consistent with your study. Consistency decreases the chance of skipping the topics, which is beneficial in the examination.

  • Lack of time management:

Lack of time management destroys the preparation strategy. Most of the students are not able to solve the whole question paper in the prescribed time of the exam, although they are prepared well for all the questions. Time management is the most important part of the preparation of the mathematics Olympiad. Time management skills are very helpful in exams to solve all the questions in the prescribed time. Students spend more time on some questions that are meant to be time consuming in the exam, they give all the precious time on those questions only and forget about solving the other questions. So solving these questions in the end is more beneficial.

  • Not doing smart work:

Most of the students prepare for the topics which are less relevant to exams, they generally skip the main topics. While doing the preparation focus more on the topics whose probability of coming in the exams are higher than the other. And many students spend the time in writing the topics which they have already prepared in the schools or institutions. So, doing smart work is most important in the preparation of the mathematics Olympiad for class 9th students.

  • Following the wrong syllabus:

There are many sites which upload the wrong and unauthenticated syllabus of the Olympiad to distract the students. Many students get trapped in this misleading process, and are not able to get the correct information. Don’t believe in these sites and only use the authenticated sites for the syllabus of Olympiad, the original syllabus of the mathematics Olympiad is uploaded on the official site of NSO. Many 

  • Not reading the books and other content material:

Books are the best way to prepare for examinations. Many students don’t read books and other sources of content material for the preparation. So they are not able to build the concepts and other necessary content in the exams. Reading the books enhances the knowledge and helps in making the topics clear, they also gives the new idea of solving the questions. Solving the questions in the books helps in the preparation of the topics.

  • Not doing sample papers:

Sample papers are the best way to make the concepts clear. By not doing the sample papers students are not able to make the quick revisions, and not able to get the ideas related to topics. The sample papers help in improving the questions solving skills, students can also refer to the IMO math’s Olympiad sample papers for class 9th while practicing the sample papers. Students can also use previous years sample papers for practicing, this gives a brief idea about how the questions are asked in the exam. Solving the sample papers also prepares you to manage time in the examination.

  • Lack of practice:

This is one of the most common mistakes among the students that they make while preparing. Lack of practice makes the concepts difficult. Practicing makes the concepts and other analytical skills stronger. Practicing builds the habit of studying and learning daily, which is very helpful for class 9th students to prepare for the mathematics Olympiad. Practice many questions from the books and other source material’s, for making the concepts stronger. Mathematics is totally based on practicing, because you cannot memorize the questions related to the topics. Practicing the many questions related to every topic makes the concepts of every topic easier to understand.


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