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On Why Ed Rybicki is No Better Than Henry Gee: Lessons from #Womanspace

If you had asked me a week ago what I thought of Ed Rybicki, my response would have been, “Le sigh.”  Admittedly, I believe I used the word “dumbasses,” when describing two men apparently unable to successfully purchase underpants, but … Continue reading

Be Not Afraid…

A couple days ago Henry Gee tweeted what he believes to be my real life identity. To address the elephant in the room, if such things are important to you, he was correct in his identification of me.  But, really, … Continue reading

The One Good Thing to Come From #Womanspace

A little bit ago I was nursing Tiny Diva and reading through the comments on my blog when I came across this bit of wackaloonery.  As I commented in reply, a few years ago this might have riled me up, … Continue reading

What Womanspace Really Looks Like (And Why Nature Can Suck It)

I am sorry to have been away from you, darlings.  I have had the flu these last few days and have been sequestered.  I’ll have more to tell you about all of that soon, but in the mean time we … Continue reading

Congratulations, Nature Network! 50,000 Civil Comments is Really Something!!!11!1!!ELEVNTY!

Somewhere on the Nature Network, someone just fucked his 50,000th goat . Unfortunately, there are only like 10 dudes who care.  To think, it only took them three years to fuck that many goats (metaphorically, of course). Figure 1: An … Continue reading