8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Software Development

Artificial intelligence fir software development

Many developers recall the day when Microsoft rolled out AI Copilot into the public domain with a shudder. The algorithm is trained on a GitHub basis and helps developers to complement the code depending on the context. For sure, it cannot create anything from scratch but can write some functions entirely without the participation of a programmer. Then the developers wondered if AI will completely replace them.

It’s fair to say that AI won’t supersede developers, neither now nor in the future. For its real use instead of a human, 100% accuracy is needed, but so far this is unattainable. But in some development processes, AI is indispensable. Let’s take a look at how a smart algorithm helps software developers.

Areas of AI application in software development

AI is used in the development of software solutions at the following stages:


  • Collection of technical requirements

AI analyzes documents with collected requirements, indicates disagreements in the text, inconsistencies in numbers, units of measurement, and suggests possible corrections.


  • Coding

As you write your code, the AI-powered system provides guidelines for completing lines of code. So, you can reduce the time spent on code generation by about 50%. Moreover, it may recommend referring to best practices and provide the best machine learning-based code examples.


  • Prototyping

Converting business requirements to code usually takes years of work. However, AI dramatically speeds this process up, allowing people with less experience to use natural language or visual interface design techniques to prototype.


  • Error analysis

AI can learn from past experiences to identify common mistakes and automatically flag them during development.

  • Automatic code transformation

As the company develops, the software can change and its code needs to be modified. Machine learning is used in this case to analyze the code and automatically optimize it.


  • Testing

Automated testing systems use AI not only to launch the testing process but also to create test cases.


  • Project management

AI allows you to use data from a large number of software projects to predict technical problems, required resources, and development time. Machine learning can examine user stories, identify features, and evaluate actual conditions to better predict workload and budget.


  • Big Data analysis 

According to the Sumatosoft company, AI helps businesses to gather, process, and transform Big Data into valuable insights. The gathered data helps to lay the basis of the chatbot’s development, creation of recommendation engines in healthcare and finance, as well as image, speech, and face recognition solutions and sales intelligence applications.

Artificial intelligence in mobile app development

In the field of mobile development, AI provides developers with new opportunities. First of all, this is due to the fact that the use of AI helps to attract more users to the application.

For example, AI can track the patterns and preferences of its users, predict their future decisions and choices, and work accordingly. This gives developers the ability to very quickly make changes to new versions of applications.

Wrapping up 

It is definitely too early to talk about the complete replacement of programmers with AI. The maximum achievable goal is a symbiosis of a programmer and AI. Specialists will figure out what to do, create templates, and AI will optimize them and write according to templates. But it’s pointless to deny the value of smart algorithms in programming. Today it helps to avoid a colossal loss of time and money wasted due to minor mistakes and the human factor.

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