7 GPS Tracking Applications for Employees

Apps are now part of our day-to-day activities. Employee tracking apps are vital for people who run companies with several field staff. It is crucial to keep track of your employees and ensure your team gets the work done.

It is not easy to track every employee. According to US Essays Writers, the Apps below will help to make your work easier. Read on to get more insight.

Employee GPS Tracking Apps

  • Timr

The app tracks the employee’s working and task time. Their web app centers on tracking time, while the mobile app can also tackle GPS tracking. The two applications automatically sync, allowing the users to work using the same records. 

Timr is a lightweight app that does lack business-focused app features. It is accessible for €8/user/month. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry operating systems.

  • Timesheet Mobile

The app tracks your team’s whereabouts and work-time from anyplace. It also keeps tabs on the expense and mileage report. Timesheet provides a simultaneous syncing with your business portal. Timesheet is available for $3.49 for every employee’s unlimited entry. There is an additional $14.99 for the company subscription. The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

  • HoursTracker

The app provides easy data entry and records editing making work simple. It has an automatic expected arrival time and overtime alerts. Employers may select to receive reports upon an employee’s arrival or departure. 

Employers can download HoursTracker for Android and iOS systems. You may access the app for free or subscribe to the Pro-Edition at $9.99.

  • Labor Sync

The app is multilingual and cloud-based. It allows the user to track their team from anyplace. It eliminates automated reports that employees can manipulate. The app can monitor multiple team members on one device. The app is available on both Android and iOS systems at $10/user/month.

  • Tsheets

The app has improved GPS functions and background management technology. They are optimized and thus save your battery life. The data syncs continually making sure it’s not lost. The app is available for Android and iOS for $5/user/month and $20 for a maximum of 99 users.

  • Gleeo

The app has an optimized user interface that offers systematic time tracking services. Users with touchscreen devices can move from page to page with ease. Gleeo also allows you to export your reports through Bluetooth or email for review. 

The app avails unlimited jobs and multiple tasks for each project. Through their other app, Automagic, employers may automate time-based and location-based entries and send reminders. Gleeo is available on Android at $2.50/user/month.

  • Hubstaff

The app provides accurate services for all types of the organization despite its size. The app offers both monitoring and administrative tools for sales teams, mobile taskforces, and remote businesses. 

Hubstaff allows the user to compare the time an employee spends with a client versus the time they spend in transit. The app allows the user to add job locations for automatic time tracking when team members arrive or depart from the site. Employers may also set reminders for each team member rather than automated time.

The app integrates more than thirty business software making it a compact business tool. It is available for both Android and iOS for free. Users may access premium features at $10/user/month. 


One of these Apps is bound to make your work easier. As an entrepreneur, you will have more time to focus on business growth while ensuring work gets done.