6 Crucial Things to Do Before You Sell Your Computer

sell your computer

Did you know that more than 160 million computers were sold worldwide this year?

It is estimated that approximately 2 billion computers were in use in 2015 all over the world. Many of them are old computers that have been sold to new owners over the internet.

If you too want to sell your computer, you need to keep in mind a few things. It’s possible to sell your device quickly because computers are always in great demand. Secondly, you need to take appropriate precautions to prevent data loss and identity theft.

Keep reading to learn how to wipe a computer before selling and get the most from this transaction.

1. Back up Your Data

Most people have useful files on their old computers and don’t want to lose them. You might have important pictures and documents buried deep in your computer’s hard drive, and losing them might hurt you financially and emotionally.

That’s why you should do a complete back up of your data before selling the computer. Copy your files to external hard drives, USB sticks, or even DVDs. You can also upload some of your files on file storage websites and preserve them in the cloud.

Make sure that you check the hard drive of your computer several times before selling. This will ensure that you have copied all the files.

Do you own a Mac? If so, you should also learn how to clone a hard drive and preserve vital data. Here’s a good source of information for this task.

2. Save the Windows Key

Operating systems such as Windows come with registration keys that ensure your copy of Windows is genuine. When you have purchased this operating system, you have received a product key. This key can be used on the new laptop or desktop computer you will buy, so you don’t want to lose it.

This key is usually printed on the Windows DVD that you have purchased. It might have also been shipped to you by email.

If you can’t find the key, you should contact the manufacturer and ask for assistance. You can also use a special software tool to find the registration key.

3. Format and Wipe the Hard Drive

Once you have copied your data, it’s important to erase everything from your hard drive to prevent information theft. You can simply press “Shift + Delete” to erase your data permanently, but this is not sufficient to get rid of your data.

It’s important to understand that the deletion procedure mentioned above just erases the “path” to your files, so you cannot access them instantly. However, the actual content of the files will remain on your hard drive. This is valid for photos, documents, music, videos, etc.

What you need to do is to format and wipe the hard drive. This can be done with special software tools available online. The wiping process deletes the information stored in each byte of hard drive available on your computer. 

Specialists recommend formatting and wiping your drive a few times before selling the computer, just to be sure. This process basically turns your computer to its original state and no data can be retrieved afterward by the new owner.

4. Clean up the Exterior

Whether you sell a laptop or desktop computer, it’s important to improve its aesthetics. This will make it more attractive and appealing to potential buyers. For example, you should wipe out the dust on your screen as well as any coffee/water drops that might have landed there over the years.

Wipe out and clean the keyboard, mice, hard drive, and other peripherals before selling them. These might have accumulated dust, dirt, and other forms of debris. New owners are more interested in your computer’s performance, but taking care of the exterior is also a good idea before selling.

5. Snap High-Quality Pics

Another thing you should do before selling your computer is to snap quality pictures of it. These will be used online when you promote your device on certain websites.

For example, you can picture your computer from different angles when it’s powered on and off. Snapping pics of a powered-on computer helps buyers understand that the device still works.

Focus on the computer’s corners and edges too. These are the parts that can get dented when you move the device from one room to the other.

Pay special attention to the screen and snap a few pics that reveal a scratchless display. If there are scratches, picture them too and mention them in the description. 

6. Link the Specs of Your Computer in the Ad

Potential buyers look for specific features when they buy a second-hand computer. Some of these features might be large SSD storage, full HD display, lots of GBs of RAM, etc. However, some buyers are not aware of all the specs of your computer.

That’s why you should show them in the ad you’re posting online. For example, go to the manufacturer’s website and copy the link with the full specs of your computer. Paste this link into the description of your ad and mention the highlights. 

This is a good idea because some people might not be impressed by a large screen, but they’ll love the fact that your device has a backlit keyboard. Others might appreciate other features such as a modern video card, multiple USB 3.0 ports, etc. 

Now You Know How to Sell Your Computer Properly

These are the steps you need to take if you want to sell your computer quickly and for a decent amount of cash. Selling it online is one of the best ideas because you get more exposure. Use special websites such as Craigslist and others to advertise your computer and attract buyers.

You can also sell it to places that collect old electronics for parts. There are many companies in large cities that gather old electronics and would pay substantial amounts of cash for old laptops. 

To discover the best ways to sell your computer as well as other methods to make money quickly, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website.