The 6 Best Laptops for Art Students—Ranked!

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When you’re an art student, you need a device that offers power, portability, and excellent software to get your projects done. 

It is indeed true. You might be working on those projects for hours, and a weak or outdated device won’t do at all. Studying art is no piece of cake. It is a complex and multi-faceted subject. However, learning about it and, most of all doing it, is so rewarding, even though it may have you busy for hours. That is why, apart from a good laptop, you need a reliable essay writing service Canada or US-based to help you with the rest of your assignments, like essays and research papers.So you can rest assured that your writing project will be handled by a qualified essay writer.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, we have narrowed down the six best laptops for art students. Whether you are a fine art student or graphic designer, these devices are sure to be an excellent fit for your student life. Though the Surface Go is not the most powerful device, however, it is an excellent value for the price. Microsoft even offers bundles that include the type cover and surface pen for around $700. In this case you can take a laptop to any location if you work for a digital agency, or an essay writing service as a freelancer. With all these tools you acquire extra mobility.

Here’s the ranking of the six best laptops for art students 

1. The Best Overall: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

If you are looking for a well-rounded machine that offers power and portability, the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an excellent option for you. 

Not only does this machine run full Windows 10, but it also offers an incredible touch screen and high-resolution 2736 x 1824 display that is optimal for those who want to work on their digital art projects. 

Paired with the Surface Type Cover and Surface Pen, you have an excellent trifecta that can get the job done. 

This machine has the form-factor of a tablet, but the power of a laptop. This makes it all the more attractive as a long-term workhouse for those in university for four years. 

Additionally, with 8GB of RAM, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is also a somewhat competent gaming device if you plan to play very low demanding titles. All in all, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an excellent product for students who need a diverse machine. 

2. The Best Graphic Design or Photography Machine: Macbook Pro 2020

Art students can also include graphic design and photography students. 

These fields require a powerful machine to make logos, build websites, edit photos, and more. 

If you’re a graphic design or photography student, then the 2020 Macbook Pro is an excellent option for you. Not only is it mighty, with a Quad-Core processor and up to 32GB of RAM, but it also has a sleek design that is easy to carry around campus. 

Additionally, it runs macOS, which is an incredibly intuitive operating system. If you are one of the 728 million iPhone users around the globe, it’s excellent to have a laptop that works in harmony with your phone. 

Additionally, Macbooks have the incredible integration of utilizing iCloud backup. This means that if anything happens to your data, you can easily pull from your iCloud account and restore it. Your photos, contacts, files, and more are in safekeeping. 

iCloud truly is the best way to backup mac

3. The Best Budget Machine: Microsoft Surface Go

Like it’s cousin, the Surface Pro, the Surface Go is a compact device that offers a super nice quality 10-inch screen with Surface Pen input and full Windows 10. 

Though the Surface Go is not the most powerful device, however, it is an excellent value for the price. Microsoft even offers bundles that include the type cover and surface pen for around $700. 

If you are an art student that does essential work in a web browser or word processor, such as typing essays, and watching videos but still wants to draw and have a tablet-like experience with a full operating system, then the Microsoft Surface Go is an excellent device that will not break the bank. 

4. The Best Thin and Light: LG Gram 

The LG Gram is an ultra-portable thin and light laptop that doesn’t cut corners. 

Though the profile is slim, this laptop packs a punch if you need more substantial tasks, such as Photoshop or other intense graphical work. The display comes in a beautiful 17-inch variety, which is excellent if you watch a lot of content or want more screen real estate to complete your art projects. 

Additionally, this laptop has an excellent Intel UHD 620 Graphics GPU, which means it can handle the more difficult graphical loads that come with working with large files or even playing moderate video games. 

All in all, the LG Gram is an excellent thin and light that still offers superior performance for its size. 

5. The Best Battery Life: 2020 Macbook Air

Though the 2020 Macbook Air is not a powerhouse in performance, it is still a favorite among students due to its favorable price tag, design, and macOS capability. 

The Macbook Air is an excellent choice if you want to be charger free throughout the day. This device boasts 10 hours of battery life at high-brightness and with video consumption, which is more than enough to get through a day of school. 

Additionally, though this machine may not be the most powerful, it can still run applications like Photoshop for those who work with photos primarily. If you are a graphic design or photo student, similar to the Macbook Pro, this device can be a great fit to get those artistic tasks done. 

6. The Best Powerhouse: Microsoft Surface Book 3

If sheer power is a priority, then the Microsoft Surface Book 3 is an excellent device to get the job done. 

There is no device like the Surface Book, with its detachable hinge, it blurs the line between tablet and laptop while seamlessly switching duties. Additionally, you can use it with the Surface Pen to get the most out of your graphical work. 

In addition to its capability in the graphics department, if you are an artist and gamer, then this device may be one of the best options for you. You have the flexibility of using the Surface Book 3 to complete your schoolwork, and then you can load up a game. 

This power comes from the device’s quad-core processor and 16GB of RAM. Additionally, if you write a lot of papers in addition to your artwork, Surface Book 3 has an excellent keyboard that makes writing a joy. 

Get the Best Laptop for Art Students

From 2-in-1s to Macs and PCs, these are the six best laptops for art students. 

If you are looking at new machines this back to school season, consider some of these devices to help you hit the books. Whether you need power, portability, or a mix of the two, one of these devices is bound to be the best laptop for art students. 

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