5 Reasons You should Build an ADU on your Property


When families grow, the need for extra space & comfort becomes highly important. A home addition will address various needs of the homeowners who want to optimize and maximize their current living area. What if the homeowner requires another living area built within his own property? And if he can convert one part of his property into a money-spinner, yes you heard it right. The Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU is your answer. An ADU generally refers to the second house and apartment within the same lot. They are sometimes called backyard cottages and granny flats.

There’re a lot of benefits to adding an ADU to your property, such as increasing the value of your property, keeping your family together, as well as having quality retirement. Also, you can assure the private starter house for our future generations. However, let us look at some top reasons why adding an ADU will be the right choice:

1. Guest suite 

Many homeowners dream to have their guest house. Suppose you have frequent guests, then dedicated space will give everybody the best combination of privacy and closeness. ADUs are ideal for this since they allow the guests to come & go when they want and offer a separate kitchen & bathroom for people who have the extended stay. It makes hosting guests enjoy more and have to stress-free stay.

2. A place to consider when remodeling your primary residence 

With real estate rates soaring high, many homeowners turn to remodel to be an easier and less costly alternative to shifting. They look at the ADUs as the best opportunity to keep up with their everyday lives when customizing their primary residence, fit to their budget and taste. Suppose the primary house is uninhabitable for the duration of the renovation, ADU offers temporary housing, which allows the homeowners to stay on their property & not spend any money on the temporary accommodations. There is not any shortage of ways to use an ADU after remodel.

3. Reduces Construction Costs

The cost of building the ADU will differ depending on various factors such as type, size, location, and materials. These are all things to account for when using a residential cost estimator to get accurate pricingThere’re attached & detached ADUs. There’re attached & detached ADUs. Even though the fully detached unit is expensive, it’s definitely highly affordable than building a new home. The homeowners who are concerned about the rental income have an option to use readymade units that will reduce the construction cost. Their focus will be more on the functionality instead of resale value and aesthetics of overall property. Evere is a large garage, residents of both the homes will park their vehicles out there. Moreover, there is not any additional investment to make for the land, en taxes and insurance will be much lower. Also, there’re a few common amenities that are shared by the residents of the property. Suppose thelevators, parking, and more.

4. Get more area for family time and work

Many times, homeowners find that they need a little more space. Or maybe the family needs a special room for table tennis or anything else. Or the homeowner wants the dedicated work from a home office and art studio. The attached and detached ADU will provide extra space for anything that you would like to do.

5. Increases the Property Value

The lack of housing space has actually increased the value of existing land & properties that stand there. Some properties may have plenty of space, with the majority of them already been used for buildings & amenities. There’re other properties with lots of unused areas. As each square foot will be worth the weight in gold, so wasting space isn’t the right idea that you must do. Just think of the people that are struggling hard to find the best type of living area in such cluttered cities and towns. For such kind of situation, an addition of the ADU becomes a must-have addition today to a lot of homeowners out there.

Final Words

In a lot of localities you will get the rental income from your permitted ADU, or, in case you want, then you may live in an ADU & rent out another dwelling. This must add lots of flexibility to your finances.