5 Real Estate Trends Technology That Help Sell Homes

Technological advancements have accelerated in different industries and sectors over the recent past, and the real estate sector is not immune to these technological advancements and disruptions. Several technological trends in the real estate sector enable individuals to sell house online quickly, and free of any hassle such as marcanthonyestates.com.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a tool that enables house buyers looking to purchase houses online, to have a seamless and simulated environment and feel of the house, which is similar to the real-world experience of the said house. The use of virtual reality is an increasingly important trend in the property market as it gives potential consumers a virtual tour of a house before they get to see it in person and make it a home. It is a vital tool due to the increased demand by buyers to view houses online through 3D videos. It saves on time and cost, as it does away with the high number of walkthroughs in homes before the acquisition.

Big Data

The effects of big data have been felt on various facets of the property market. Big data offers a quick analysis of the prevailing market trends by facilitating and easing decision making by sellers. The market trends advanced by big data and data science range from demand to supply forces, home prices, demographic patterns, and other historical data. Analysis of these different data enables sellers to understand the property market and make an informed decision regarding the timing and the competitive pricing of their homes. Consequently, big data gives market insights for home sellers.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) refers to the use of digital devices such as phones and tablets to view the physical environment with an overlay of digital content. It is done by pointing a device camera at visual content in the real world and experience them. Buyers can get real-time information about a house before purchase. The information varies from rental prices to valuation and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house. It enables the buyer to make an informed decision in the property market before any purchase is made. Therefore, home sellers have to list and provide this digital content online for their buyers. Augmented reality will substantially increase their chances of selling their homes online by adopting and keeping up with this technological trend.


Anyone looking to sell house online has to adopt the use of drone technology. Drones have made aerial photography a reality. Use of photography, not to mention, aerial photography is an essential feature for home sellers as it helps them paint an image of the feel of the property on offer. Besides, drones are pocket-friendly to achieve aerial photography, which previously was quite expensive. Buyers want a tour of their neighbourhoods to decide whether or not to buy a house in that particular neighbourhood. Additionally, drones are essential for home sellers as they enable the sellers to showcase their properties. Such a survey is called-for in the valuation of the said homes.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is the process of creating a virtual environment of a house by filling it with fixtures and furniture in whatever desired state. Additionally, it allows one to change the floor type and pattern, the colour of the walls, and the house arrangement. Virtual staging is a called-for strategy as it creates tailor-made designs for home buyers and speeds up the selling process. It is less costly than the traditional methods of staging homes hence is more efficient. Consequently, it curbs home selling delays. Virtual staging is a trend that should be embraced by home-sellers.Using these advances in technology can help you achieve a better price on your property sale, if you don’t manage to sell however, you might want to consider companies such as The Property Buying Company for a quick sale option