5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Moving Companies

Instagram started out as a social media platform for fun personal stuff where individuals could post selfies and the most interesting photos they’ve captured.

While it still maintains that aspect, the photo-centric network has evolved like most other social platforms into a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Businesses from across all industries can leverage the platform to give their markal, with social networks being at the heart of it) is a disservice to your company as you would be ridding yourself of the chance to tap into the huge pool of poteeting campaigns a boost, and moving companies are no different.

In fact, lack of a social presence on Instagram (and the digital space in generntial customers out there.

Remember, while offline marketing still has a place, the pendulum has swung more into the digital side and online is where it’s at.

If you are a moving company looking to build leads and expand your reach, investing the time to establish a solid Instagram presence will certainly be worth the time, effort and money.

Here are 5 Instagram marketing tips every moving business will find useful.

  • It starts with your bio

The photos you will be sharing aside, what will attract the most attention from your prospects is the bio.

Your Instagram bio should highlight what your moving business is all about in a way that doesn’t leave your followers or anyone who comes across your page in doubt of what makes you stand out from the competition.

For example, if you specialize in interstate moving services for homes, let this be your main focus – but without disregarding your other offerings.

Also worth remembering is that using the @ and # signs in front of a word in your bio converts that word into a clickable link.

So, take advantage of these symbols to direct followers or visitors to another location on your Instagram profile. But avoid overusing them.

  • Have a consistent visual aesthetic

Instagram is the most visual platform out there, relying on photos and videos to get the message across.

As such, the pictures you share need to be high quality, starting with those on your profile. Without good visual appeal, potential customers are likely to bounce on to the next mover in your area.

But appealing photos are only half the story. What else you should aim for is to create a consistent look not just on your profile, but your postings too.

To achieve this, decide on a color palette that is representative of your brand (you do have a brand color, don’t you?) and employ it consistently on Instagram. This color should reflect in all your branding efforts, including your website and other marketing material.

Using one color palette (for example warm) and then suddenly switching to another (say cool and dark) creates a mismatch that impairs your brand’s visual consistency.

In the case of moving businesses, bright colors tend to work best.

  • Make use of carousel posts

Launched in 2017, carousel posts allow you to combine pictures and videos and publish them as a single post.

No, not like a meme. More like that camera mode in your smartphone that allows you to take images in quick succession, which can then be viewed as a single photo – with the accompanying images appearing beneath the main image.

So, when publishing a carousel post, you could, for example, have a few photos of your moving team doing the heavy lifting, then include a short video of them in action.

Carousel posts make it possible to reach more prospects than if you opted for either one type of content.

But avoid overusing them, instead choosing to mix it up with other types of content.

  • Employ Instagram stories

Also introduced in 2017, Instagram stories are a type of content in the mold of a WhatsApp status – a short posting that is only live for 24 hours before it expires.

The best Instagram stories are informative and/or interesting, so creativity will be your friend here. On the upside, though, unlike photos, videos and carousel posts, Insta stories do not have to be professionally made or thought out much.

But having a clear purpose of what you want to achieve with each story helps. A good type of content you can share on stories is one that reveals the lighter side of your moving business.

Don’t worry, it’s good enough as long as it’s fun and interesting.

  • Post videos with a clear goal in mind

Speaking of clear purpose, post a video every so often to break the monotony of images. But don’t post just because you can – make sure you have a clear goal of why you’re posting.

The goal could be anything to do with the business really.

It could, for example, be enlightening the audience of the fact that you offer free moving quotes and that they can get one whenever they want. Or sharing with them some tips on packing do’s and don’ts etc.

Instagram, if used well, can be a great marketing tool that makes a huge difference for your moving business.