5 Different Ways to Promote Your Business

Promote business

Promoting your business is one of the most nerve-racking albeit important parts of running it, especially in the field of construction estimating.

There are so many things that can go wrong – a misspelling on your marketing content, poorly worded social media posts that spark outcry, or low-quality commercials that paint your brand in an unflattering picture. But it doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing or cost-intensive, either.

Here are five different ways to effectively promote your brand:

Build Your Google Business Profile

Not a lot of people know about Google Business Profile, something you can leverage as an entrepreneur. A Google Business Profile is responsible for displaying your business in search results on the Google Maps tool.

It also allows your brand to appear on the local list of Google’s search engine results page. Lastly, having a GBP makes you appear on the right hand corner of the Knowledge Panel in the search results page when someone enters your business name and address.

Launch Your Own Website

A website is no longer a luxury for businesses these days; it’s a necessity lest you get outperformed by competitors in your respective niche or industry. Even old-fashioned mom-and-pop shops are launching a website to promote their products/services to a larger audience.

Note that even if you are on social media or Google search results, you’ll still want to have a dedicated website where customers can go to and find comprehensive information on your brand, including your lineup of products and services, rates, and philanthropic efforts.

Hand Out Custom Swag

It’s a very popular perk that many tech companies give to their employees, but it can also be adopted by smaller businesses that want to advertise their brand. Items that are customized with your brand name and logo make it subconsciously easier for existing customers to remember you and new ones to find you.

Custom paper bags, for instance, are a creative and low-cost way to promote your business. It’s useful and versatile, with platforms like BagMasters allowing you to customize every small detail so that it best reflects your brand’s personality, mission, and values.

Create Directory Listings

It’s best to put your efforts on major directories, like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, and Bing. Once you place listings on these big sites, you also get shown on smaller directories since the latter pulls data from the former.

Note that adding a listing is different from claiming it, and claiming it is what you want to do. By claiming a listing, you can change the information on the listing and directly interact with reviews left by customers.

Set Up a Social Media Presence

It’s no secret that billions of people use social media on a daily basis, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the combination of the three. Not staking your claim in any of these platforms can severely hurt your marketing efforts. Start by creating a business page on Facebook and organically growing out your customer base there before you branch out to new platforms.

When promoting your business, quality should always be put first before quantity. Take the time to plan out your marketing campaigns and promotional materials before you execute them.

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