5 Best Online Learning Platforms for Kids

The best thing parents can offer to their kids is knowledge and learning. In today’s world, parents are more inclined towards online learning instead of traditional ones. The reason is simply convenience, mobility, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the parents have accepted the need for developing tech skills at a very early age in kids to help them grow in their careers. You might have heard in the news about kids under age 10 doing something unique and useful such as making YouTube videos and monetizing it to earn money. Ryann Toy Reviews is one such example.

When it comes to online learning, many factors have to be kept in mind. For instance, what is the age of your kid? What are their unique skills that need to be enhanced further? Which learning method suits them most? Last but not the least, is the website safe for your kid or not, and what will be the cost.

After you have answered these questions, the next important thing is to have a stable and high-speed internet at home. For best internet deals and packages, click here to subscribe now for unlimited data caps and no contract plan.

We have seen some of the things that need to be addressed before you indulge your kids in online training. Now it is time to walk you through some of the best online learning platforms for kids. Stay tuned because your child is surely going to be a genius in the future.


ABCMOUSE is one of the best online learning platforms for kids. Today most of the households are relying on this platform to educate their kids without paying expensive institution fees. The platform offers 850 lessons across ten levels. The step-by-step learning devised by ABCMOUSE is the only reason kids learn fast and are motivated to take one step ahead. The program includes reading and language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, art and colors, animation, games, books, and much more.

You can try ABCMOUSE for the first month without paying anything. During the COVID-19 lockdown, it is a perfect time for parents to give their children the best learning resources, instead of letting them waste time on screens browsing and socializing for no reason. Especially for pre-schooler, ABCMOUSE is going to help learn most of the things that would take a year or so in any school. Get your kid prepared before sending him/her to school.


Teaching to read is the skill that most of the parents find challenging. But not anymore when Reading Eggs is here to develop the art of reading in your kids from a very early age. The studies have also revealed that 91% of the parents have seen a gradual improvement in their kids through this platform.

Learning with Reading Eggs is captivating, thought-provoking, and enticing for kids. The platform engages the kids with different types of activities and games. Children would love to get rewards, play games, and receive golden eggs. This in fact will motivate them more in learning and exploring new things.


Dr. Stephen Shutz launched Starfall back in 2002, who himself had reading problems as a kid due to dyslexia. His goal was to introduce a free public service where children would be taught to read using different methods, beyond what’s being taught in schools. STARFALL is mostly free and has expanded over time to teach subjects like mathematics, art subjects, and other languages.

STARFALL does not hurt your wallet at all. You can get a membership to this great kids learning platform for $35 with deductible tax. Kids can access a huge collection of materials without putting a dent in the wallet. Kids can learn through different styles of learning without feeling the pressure or being distracted. For parents who have kids needing special attention in learning and find it hard to keep up the pace can surely enroll in this kids’ learning platform.


Do you remember the educational TV shows like The Magical School Bus, Sesame Street, and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood? If you remember those lovely shows, you would be surprised that the non-profit organization broadcasting service has also developed online education materials for kids.

PBS Kids is better to be named as America’s largest classroom. The content is free and is catered for kids of all ages from preschool to toddlers and grownups. The platform aims to develop curiosity in kids, help develop cognitive thinking and so much more.

The best part of PBS Kids is that there is no subscription or membership required because it is free to be used by anyone. The favorite characters from PBS TV programs develop an interest in kids and most of the learning videos contain these characters. The educational materials also include learning subjects such as STEM fields and reading. The online platform for kids generally focuses on child development instead of educational lessons.


The idea behind BrainPop was given by Avraham Kadar M.D, who felt two decades ago the need for interactive digital resources in learning science and medical concepts. The platform includes a broad curriculum including arts and music, science, reading and writing, and social studies. Some of the best material is taught to kids that you can’t expect from any other traditional institution.

BrainPop can allow kids to view 1,000 animated educational videos along with quizzes, experiments, and activities, tools, and games. The original platform includes several educational activities for kids in grade 4 through middle school. The videos on BrainPop are loved by children as they bring fun to learning through different activities. BrainPop has been nominated for many prestigious awards in the past as well.

Summing Up

If you want to develop some advanced skills in your kids, make sure to try all or one of the above-mentioned platforms. At least, it is better than wasting time on useless material available online. Make learning a fun part for kids and not as a burden for them.