4 things you need to know about trucking companies

Even imagining being without trucks on the road is impossible.  If it happens, you will not receive the milk bottle in the morning or take cash in the ATM or not be able to cook without gas and essential supplies. Such has become the importance of trucks in everyone’s daily life.

Millions of trucks run across billions of miles on thousands of roads across America and worldwide.  Hence you need to know a few things about trucking companies to know their critical importance in all peoples’ lives.  It will help you start a truck company like the award-winning Go Freight Hub or avail any of its 3PL solutions.


So, check out the 4 things you need to know about the truck companies to choose the right one for your logistical needs for transporting goods from one place to another anywhere in America.


The increasing importance of trucking companies


Suppose the trucking companies in America stop operating trucks. In that case, you will not have clean drinking water after a few days, patients will die because of not having proper medicines, and such many will occur.  Even as per the 2019 estimates, there are 37.9 million trucks, excluding the government trucks running over 430 billion miles every year in America. Over 70% of our daily uses like the dress, food, and others are transported by trucks as per the US labor department.  Hence, the trucking business has become a multibillion-dollar business in America, which employs millions of people. Hence, there is only an increase in the trucking business in America and worldwide as their demand rises every year.


4 things you need to know about trucking companies


There are many things to know about trucking companies as their importance and demand increases every year.  Trucking systems work is the essential carrier of all things we use daily, and the road networks are the neural networks for America or any country. Even with another mode of transport for goods like flights, ships, and trains available, only the trucks link all of it. From cross-docking, a single form of truck transport, to multiple forms by trans-loading, truck companies like Go Freight Hub bring food to our tables.  From truck drivers being an integral part of the supply chain to fast booking freights, there are many other things to know about trucking companies. The best four among them include.


  1. Truck drivers’ role in supply chain


Truck companies cannot function without truck drivers who form the backbone of any company’s supply chain.  With over 70% of American freight tonnage in their hands, they decide whether you get your cash from the ATM or the medicine to save lives.  Hence they have become the essential foundation for the expertise of the supply chain.  Truck companies can monitor and track the goods in real-time with the help of GPS facilities to know the precise time of goods delivery.


  1. The truck industry is the backbone of the American economy


With nearly 37.9 million trucks apart from the government trucks,  filling gases and carrying goods across America bring the exchequer a revenue of nearly 800 billion dollars to be one of the backbones of its economy.


  1. Technological advancements in the trucking industry


With digitalization, it is easy to book flights online by getting quotes instantly along with the time for delivering the goods to reach the destination in time and safely.


  1. 3PL to 5PL services


Many truck companies offer outsourcing of all logistical services to improve supply chain management. They offer all freight services from the 3PL or third party to 5PL or fifth party logistics for improved and innovative logistical and value-added services.


The above facts and the four things will surely convince you to use the best trucking companies like Go Freight Hub for your logistical needs.  

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