4 Awesome Online Tools That Are Perfect For Small Businesses

Small businesses enter the market with the odds pretty much stacked against them. Not only do they have limited resources to compete with, but they also have to go up against bigger, well-established businesses. That’s why small businesses need every resource they can find to help them compete, innovate, prosper, and profit. Which why finding and utilizing online tools is a great way for small businesses to do just that. For example, instead of opting for door-to-door sales and networking, small businesses can tap into the power of mass text messaging to reach a wide range of people and audiences. That is just one example of how small businesses can tap into the power of online tools to level the competitive playing field and compete in a rigorous and aggressive market place. But that is not the only tool at the disposal of small businesses. Here are 4 awesome online tools that are perfect for small businesses.

4- Online Management Boards

Online management boards are platforms, websites, or mobile apps that allow businesses to allocate tasks and functions to the many members of an organization. Through online management boards or apps, employees can clearly see the tasks and jobs assigned to them by their employer. Also, employers can easily and concisely allocate tasks and jobs, while keeping track of the different outstanding deadlines, assignments, etc. A lot of online management boards allow the users to communicate with one another, leaving comments and replies on task cards, letting others know if they have an issue, or when the task is complete. Businesses that utilize online management boards will find it easier to allocate tasks and keep track of progress, especially in todays business environment, where remote working has been a practice forced upon many businesses and workdays.

3- Accounting Software

Small businesses that tend to have inventories or whose businesses experience a lot of daily turnover, will find the services and benefits of accounting software very useful. Accounting software has gotten so advanced that they have become completely automated and can keep track of stock up to the minute. Small businesses like online retail would find accounting software much easier than other, more traditional forms of accounting. There is a learning curve and a practice period in order to use accounting software, but anyone that is familiar with tech and computers can learn how to access and use the software app.

2-  Social Media

Social media is key, and a must-do, in todays business world. People on social media love to come across new businesses and concepts and interact with them by following them, liking their posts, and commenting on their pictures. For small businesses, social media is a great way to build a reputation and a brand, and connect with customers on a personal level. Utilizing social media in the right way can help differentiate your business from the competition. Normally a cheap alternative to traditional marketing and networking, social media has solidified its specialty in connect individuals together, and helping businesses market their services and products. If you are a small business, once you get on social media you will find that the playing fields for your industry are level, and that, more often than not, people tend to be more attracted to up and coming new businesses, than businesses that are readily established.

1- Job Seekers Websites

If you are a small business or entrepreneur starting out, your main concern will be getting a team together that can execute your vision to the tee. In order to do that, you need to first find, then tap into the right talent and get them on your team. There are many websites online where job seekers go to find job openings and apply for jobs. This can serve as a perfect opportunity for you if you’re looking for fresh new talent to bring on board. However, small businesses might also be looking at cutting costs, and not taking on employees full time. Then these same job boards will be perfect to post a freelance or part-time opening. But if you’re not convinced, then there are websites strictly dedicated to freelance jobs, where freelancers create a portfolio, business post job opening, and get matched on the website. Make sure to take advantage of these platforms if you want to outsource a specific task without the commitment of opening up a full-time job for your company.

So there you have it 4 awesome online tools that are perfect for small businesses. Make sure to check out one, or all, of these tools and try applying them to your organization. Take note if any of these tools either helped or harmed your business. Also, keep an eye out for all the exciting new tools out there, and that are coming on to the market every day!