4 Alternatives Tools To Adobe Acrobat For Professional Office Work

When it comes to editing and viewing PDF files, one of the most reliable tools is Adobe Acrobat. Well, it only makes sense since Adobe was the one that developed the PDF format. We can’t argue with the fact that when it comes to anything PDF-related, Adobe makes a seamless job at any PDF task. However, there is a big con when it comes to Adobe Acrobat –it does not come for free. So if you are someone working on some administrative tasks or a small business, purchasing software may not be your biggest priority right now. That is why we are going to talk about some free and budget-friendly PDF software that is on par with Adobe Acrobat. Here are some of them. 


If you want an all-in-one tool that you can conveniently access for free, then you are going to love PDFBear. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, PDFBear is a web-based tool that you can access using any device, even your smartphones. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use PDFBear without any problems. When you check out PDFBear, you will see over 20 PDF features that you can use for free! This includes the PDF converter, split PDF pages, merging files, compress, password-protect, unlock PDF, repair PDF, and more! All you need to do is to click the tool that you want to use, upload the file you want to edit, then follow the set of instructions. 

Rest assured that all the files you want to process are safe with PDFBear. It is encrypted with 256-bit security, and PDFBear will not save a copy of every file that you process using their system. You can also refer to their privacy policy to know more. 

Foxit PhantomPDF

If you are looking for software you can download for your device, then Foxit PhantomPDF is the next best thing to Adobe Acrobat. But we have to admit, Foxit PhantomPDF can only give you the basics when it comes to viewing, editing, optimizing, and securing your PDF files. But it gets the job done. Foxit PhantomPDF is user friendly. Once you have downloaded and launched the software, Fo and still have a good collection of PDF tools compared to other software. Foxit PhantomPDF will give you a set of instructions on how to use the software. Collaborating with a team can also be done using this software. 

Foxit PhantomPDF is available in three versions: Standard, Business, and Mac. Take note of this before you download so you won’t face any problems launching the software. Foxit PhantomPDF costs around $107.00 for lifetime access, which is relatively cheaper compared to Adobe Acrobat. They also offer a 30-day trial if you want to test it out yourself first. 

Nitro Pro

This is another software that gets that job done, but costs less than Adobe Acrobat. Nitro Pro is highly recommended as an alternative, especially if you are working with a team. Collaboration is seamless and lets you work on your digital files stress-free. Nitro Pro also has OCR for accurately scanning your documents. Nitro Pro also has a batch processing tool, which means you can work on your PDF files in bulk without spending too much time. 

Soda PDF

If you want the best of both worlds, Soda PDF might be a good fit for you. Like PDFBear, SodaPDF also has a web-based tool version that you can use for quick edits. It is compatible with Linux, Android, Mac, and Microsoft devices. You get to enjoy over 20 tools for free, where each conversion will only take a few minutes. 

You can also install the SodaPDF software to your device if you want to work on some files offline. Next to Adobe Acrobat, SodaPDF software is the most complete PDF software that you can find. So whether you can edit, view, optimize, or make your PDF files from scratch, SodaPDF can aid you with that. SodaPDF also has reliable customer service that you can get in touch 24/7.

In A nutshell

Working on your PDF files does not have to cost you a hefty amount. These are only some of the free and cheaper alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. Whether you are looking for a tool that can help you make quick edits, allows batch processing, and even team collaboration, there is one for you. Pick the one that suits your needs!