Dr. Isis’s Shoe of the…(sigh)

You may recall that I am in the process of moving to a new MRU. It’s putting a serious, serious cramp in my style. I am all about celebrating every small victory in my professional life, frequently with a pair of shoes. I am having a stone cold winner of a year, but my desire to reward myself is at odds with my desire to sell my house. We’ve got the new carpet down (that’s a saga for another day) and I have seriously culled my closet.  Once upon a time, my closet stood in glory and majesty..a beacon to all well-shod women…

Closet before

Now, behold the sadness and disappointment of this poor, poor closet..

cleaned out closet

Granted, I am on board with the culling and relocation of my footwear if it means making some dough on the sale of this house, but still…le sigh. Especially since everything I am seeing is making me ache a little. Take, for example, these boots..

Joshlyn bootJoshlyn boot – $39.95 at JustFab.

That’s a red zipper, friends. A red zipper. My poor, poor tattered heart is destroyed.  Also, these…

blue leopardGwendle Multicolor Pump by Nine West – $59.95 at DSW.

I am typically reluctant to purchase anything in an animal print, lest I be confused with a woman who is embracing her cougar-y years, but I think these are amazing.

But, alas, neither are meant to be and I must retreat into my happy place and find peace in my clutter-free closet. A closet void of joy, light, and at least six pairs of sequined heels. Pero, no se preocupen, queridos. Dr. Isis will be just fine..

10 responses to “Dr. Isis’s Shoe of the…(sigh)

  1. That is a crying shame to have to let those cute shoes just float by on the ether. No way you could have them sent to await you at MRU?

  2. A million sweatshop workers, a few plastics plants, and a landfill just felt devastated at your thumbing your nose at them, too.

    But, hey, the less of these shoes that you buy, the lower your carbon footprint and plastic that makes its way to the ocean gyres. So, there is a positive side to your cessation of shoe purchases in the meantime.

  3. Fuck you, you sniveling privileged bitch. Some of us are on job search three and your biggest problem is your shoes. Fuck you.

  4. Holy 6-inch heels batman. I am in awe – I truly am.

  5. Isis the Scientist

    Who knew there was a portal to the pacific ocean in my closet? Huh…

  6. Potnia Theron

    Dear Bitch: some of us are trying to find a meal, or a place to sleep or shelter from the storm, and your biggest problem is an academic job search?

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  9. Hahahaha!!! Gosh, wonder why someone is on job search #3? I bet they’re a real peach on interviews…

    The in-between time when you aren’t really in the old place, but not really in the new place, is stressful. I hope the kids are taking it well. And may your new closet be more glorious than the old one!

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