I Have a Dream…

…that one day I will be able to either eat a meal or go to the bathroom without the entire family feeling like they need to participate in the event.

7 responses to “I Have a Dream…

  1. It is strange to me as a childless person when I am at my brothers house and my niece and nephew are involved in my bathroom habits. I either have to announce “I AM GOING TO THE BATHROOM, I WILL BE BACK IN A FEW MINUTES” or have the little ones pressed against the door while I’m peeing. I did not know these were group events. I was making fun of my brother for announcing his bathroom needs, but then I tried to politely excuse myself and my niece is all “Where are you going? Why? What are you doing?” and I discovered it’s easier to just announce. Which is weird.

  2. You have my sympathy – while the daughters are grown up and long out of that habit, the cats still come and howl at any closed bathroom door until they are let in. Then they stick their cold wet noses under whoever is on the toilet, trying to see what we’re doing.

  3. @cleverhound – but you might be doing something wonderful and fun, and not letting them share in the joy! I’m sure that’s what the cats think.

  4. ” Like” … keep dreaming.

  5. really? That’s what’s waiting ahead? And I was hoping that at least the bathroom could still be my private place…

  6. Private place? Ha. Announce a bathroom trip? HAHA. They’d never let me go. Sneak away and hope they don’t notice ’til I’ve got the door locked, and then try to ignore the shrieking when they do, or invite them along with me. Those are the choices.

    Anyone who isn’t aware of this aspect of parenting needs to watch my favorite episode of Roseanne.

  7. I longed for the time when I could go potty by myself. Then the kids grew up and I got a little dog – who needs to be by me every minute, including in the bathroom. Go figure.

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