Throwing Shade at the Coffee Shop and My Reply to Scicurious at LadyBits

Last week Scicurious wrote a post how she feels academia failed her in her graduate training. I have written a reply to her post at Arikia Millikan’s Ladybits Medium collection titled “Ideas are Probably Overrated, But Happiness is Not.”

I have traveled to my favorite coffee shop this morning to work on some letters for students.  I think 90% of my life this week has been writing letters.  This coffee ship is my favorite place because they have coffee with no upcharge for soy for my milk allergic self and leather chairs and a fire place. Perfection. But, the lady on the other side of the fireplace just asked me if I would agree to have the fire extinguished because she’s “too hot.” This is the first time all week I have not been shivering and this is how much shade I just threw her…


If this fire goes out, I am going to need bail money.

6 responses to “Throwing Shade at the Coffee Shop and My Reply to Scicurious at LadyBits

  1. You are absolutely right that she has no clue what constitutes scientific creativity, and that it has pretty much nothing to do with what “ideas” pop into your head.

  2. I know it was inadvertent, but I’d like to sail away on that coffee ship.

  3. Isis the Scientist

    Hahahahha!! It was and it’s so perfect I’m not changing it!!

  4. I appreciated your post, which I think generally speaks to the “idea economy” problem (ideas are mostly worthless but people obsess over protecting them).
    However what has been pointed out to you about “how language differs between women and men” is a little off. What you are describing is one of the standard features which distinguish optimism from pessimism. Optimists, upon failure, tend to externalize the problem and blame others, while regarding themselves as in the right. Pessimists internalize the problem and blame themselves.
    Given how much of science is hard work and failure, I think all scientists need optimism, but I’m not sure it’s unevenly distributed to men. Perhaps it may be observation bias, such as women are just more open to discussing pessimistic thoughts with other women.
    Anyway, I couldn’t find any way to reply to you on Medium. Good thing you have a blog. Keep it up.

  5. “Pessimists internalize the problem and blame themselves.”

    Not sure about these distinctions. There are many pessimistic victim-of-circumstance type folk who think the world’s going to shit and that it’s definitely somebody else’s fault. And a lot of them are dudes (just check out the gender split among just about any crop of hardcore conspiracy theorists).

    With regard to Scicurious’ original post, anyone who walks into an interview where they are told the following expectations for part time position needs to deliver the two-fingered Agincourt salute, turn on a heel, and walk right back out the door, preferably laughing hysterically all the way down the corridor:
    “3-3 with research and service”

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