Announcing the Launch of Pub-Style Science!

The website for my new project with Michael Tomasson “Pub-Style Science” is now up and running!  Pub-Style Science is the rebranding of the #IsisVSTomasson webisodes. After doing a couple of them, and having them be more successful than we expected, we found that calling them #IsisVSTomasson was setting a tone that we didn’t like going forward. The title set us up for debate and seemed to necessitate picking topics where we didn’t agree. The reality is, we probably agree more frequently than we disagree. You can read more of the story of Pub-Style Science at the website.

The inaugural episode is tonight at 9 ET and we’ll be discussing careers and family. You can get the link to live video feed by following the Twitter hashtag #scimom. I’ll tweet the link ~10-15 minutes before we begin. You can also send your questions and comments to the group using the #scimom hashtag.  The video will be archived at Pub-Style Science and we’re hoping to keep developing content around the topic for the rest of the month.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

4 responses to “Announcing the Launch of Pub-Style Science!

  1. The first hyperlink opens up the blog post.

  2. Isis the Scientist

    Thanks Dee. I’m clearly sleep deprived.

  3. DrLizzyMoore

    Listening to it, whilst organizing protocols for the next few days’ experiments.

    It’s taking some significant time to develop a network of ‘help’. When you are staring down multiple deadlines/duties at work AND trying your damndest to be a good wife and mother–having a few women around to help keep your chin up, or take breaks with or what have you-would be invaluable…..

  4. Reblogged this on The Analog World and commented:
    For anyone that has not seen Dr. Isis and my interwebz “Science: straight, no chaser” communication / mentorship effort, (maybe you’ve been living under a rock, or just working very hard in lab) it’s time to grab a drink, pull up a chair, have a listen and think about sharing your thoughts.

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