Finding A Way to Get It In…

Holy balls this week, my darlings.  Holy balls.

Part of starting the #50APs challenge this week was to try to encourage all of us to find ways in our day to increase out activity.  Maybe you’re already a runner and this is challenge is encouraging you to up your intensity or mileage. Maybe you haven’t been active and you’re starting to think of ways to replace sedentary time with active time. Like walking instead of taking the bus or taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

For me, the challenge is in continuing to tell myself that I cannot let excuses pop up to steal away my workout time.  To make myself really think about how I am going to arrange my day to accomplish everything and still have time for physical activity. I really believe that when we plan our activity, the can figure out ways to make that activity only minimally impact our day.  But I am facing a challenge to that already…

One of our cars is in need of repair and, because Mr. Isis is traveling this weekend, it has to be done tomorrow and I have to be the one to drop the car off.  I hate, hate, hate taking the car for service.  Waiting for the service center guy to take me to work and his leisure.  Riding in the dealership van and making small talk. I hate it.  And, it was going to cut into my running time.

Had this been summer, I would have dropped the car off and ridden my bike to work.  That’s when I figured, why don’t I just run to work?  I’ll leave early, send my stuff ahead with Mr. Isis, drop the car, and run the five miles to my office. Shower when I get there, and still be there in time for my am meeting.  When I am done work, I’ll switch clothes, leave my stuff with Mr. Isis, and run back.  I’ll log about 10 miles, get some great runs in, and not have to ride in the hell van.

The trick to getting activity in a week is not thinking about how you’re going to add something else to your schedule, but thinking about what you’re going to replace with activity.

What types of swaps are you currently making in order to get your exercise in this week?

7 responses to “Finding A Way to Get It In…

  1. Good strategy!

    Right now my problem is my pregnant pelvis. Running is definitely out of the question (and I miss it so) and my other two favorites – skiing and snowshoeing – are very uncomfortable. Walking is good but I find that my pelvis starts to feel off after about 45 min. I can stretch it to an hour but tend to hurt for a while afterward. So, I’m trying to get my activity in through shorter bursts with trips to the gym for some time on the elliptical trainer when I can. February may be the month I have to break down and hit the pool.

  2. I went with my wife to the car dealer’s to get a diagnostic done. She dreads dealing with those people. Don’t do it if it upsets or infuriates you. It’s bad for your digestion. I just ask for the results and tell them to bring out the car. Then I go home and fix the car.
    I would get a new car for my wife, but she likes the one she has, so I fix it.

    My doctor says working outside doing manual labor doesn’t count as exercise. I put a heavy bag in the garage. I smack it a lot.

  3. Standing desks are the way to go! Ergotron makes the best sit/stand stations I’ve seen. Standing makes a huge difference for computer work and reading time. Blocking out time in my online/school calendar also keeps others from planning meetings during workout time and helps hold me accountable.

  4. I hate, hate, hate taking the car for service.

    I hate taking the car for an oil change. A manager usually puts his “concerned face” on, brings me some parts from the car to show how bad they are and tries to upsell something. Air filters, transmission flushes, fuel “conditioners”, you name it… Once he took out my spark plug and kept telling me that it needs replacement ASAP. The trick? We put in new plugs 2 weeks before that.
    My husband never gets this kind of treatment. Of course, my face doesn’t say that I’m an engineer with PhD so they go after seemingly clueless woman.

  5. Yes! Trying to add something to your already busy schedule is recipe for guilty feelings later because something gets left out….for me, usually, it’s the exercise. Now, I’m a little bit easier on myself. Once I get the baby down and the dishes done (my wonderful husband cooks-so I do dishes), then I disappear for a bit to exercise. My three year old sometimes notices, but most of the time does not, and I’m always done by the time it’s time for his bedtime. Granted I’m swapping family time for exercise time, but my stress level is lower, so family time feels more like quality time…..

  6. Thanks, Dr. Isis, for this post. This is an issue that I’m really struggling with. Your posts regarding incorporating exercise into your life are inspirational. I have a two year old, a six year old, and a very demanding job. I’m going to try harder to take care of myself. I deserve it. My children and husband deserve to have a healthy mommy and wife.

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