Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

I hurt today, darling muppets.  I hurt.

I have been cycling now since March or April and was finding myself feeling like I am turning into one huge quad muscle.  No other strength.  Just quads.  So, I signed up for a class at my gym based on this:

Monday was my first day.  There was TRX-ing, there was running, there was jump roping, there was running up and down stairs.  Today all I can say is, “ow.”  I would try and explain to you where I hurt, but I don’t remember ever learning about these muscles when I took anatomy.  I must have extra muscles that are now sore that most normal people don’t have.

Figure 1: Those are the spots. 

This morning and afternoon I have been faced with some difficult choices.  My lats are also sore and this morning, after I put on a new pair of pants, I realized that I couldn’t turn to take the tag off.  I considered taking the pants off, but that would have hurt to much, so I just left the tag on.  If you saw me earlier this morning, you’d have known that I paid $39.99 for these pants.  Thankfully, I got in line at the polling place this morning to vote and ended up in front of a very sweet older lady who had no problem reaching into my back pocket to un-safety pin my tag.

Once I got to work I realized that it is basically agony to sit to pee.  I made myself do it, but then encountered the agony of having to button my pants.  My abs,  deltoids and pecs are also sore and pretty much any task that requires movement is agony.  I won’t lie and tell you that I didn’t consider just leaving them unbuttoned for the rest of the day.  Nay, I tell you that if I didn’t have to teach this afternoon, I would have just said “fuck it” and would have done back to my office unbuttoned.  People I encounter on the way be damned. I’ve got underwear on.

Figure 2: If it’s good enough for Miley…

Ok, I did actually consider teaching with my pants undone.



12 responses to “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

  1. FFS, advil. Take 3 of them.

  2. Get a pair of those dignified, corporate sweat pants from ny&co. Stretchiness of sweat pants but the finishing of slacks.

  3. Isis the Scientist

    Oh, I have. Every 4 to 6 hours. But, I don’t think I can quite bring myself to sweat pant territory

  4. I have so been there. TRX is a killer.

  5. Sounds like the days after somebody’s first Crossfit WOD. Though, I’m always more sore two days after than the first day.

    It’s funny how we can be really fit at one thing, and then try something new and it’s just hilarious. There was a fun new woman working out with us last week, and she wore her Ironman shirt and had legs of steel. But give her a 35 pound bar to lift overhead a few times, and she was wasted. I sometimes wonder if it’s better to be really good at one thing or all-around ok at everything. Do cyclists need to do pull-ups? Should rock climbers run 10k’s? Crossfit says “absolutely” but I think most cyclists and rock climbers would disagree.

  6. Isis the Scientist

    I dunno. My runner buddy just set a race PR in his 40s after crossfitting and I think he’d say “yes.”

    On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 4:06 PM, On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory

  7. I feel your pain. I cycle a lot, I think I’m pretty good on a bike but I took up horseriding again a few weeks ago after a long break and I wanted to cry the whole week after my first lesson. Working trot without stirrups! My stomach muscles were deeply unhappy with me.

  8. Hahaha – TRX kicks my ass too! It has given me stellar six-pack abs but there are days when I can’t even stumble out to the car after a workout.

  9. Isis the Scientist

    Oh no! If PiT’s ass gets kicked by this, I am totally screwed.

  10. Juniper Shoemaker

    Wow. I have never heard of this. Then again, I don’t even know how to use the equipment in the gym correctly.

  11. Oh no! If PiT’s ass gets kicked by this, I am totally screwed.


    Seriously though, I was shocked at how intense the workouts can be. And I’m too proud to change body position to make it easier for myself, even when I’m struggling towards the end of a set.

  12. Isis the Scientist

    Here in lies the root of my problem. As soon as the guy says, “if you want to make it more challenging…” I see that as my invitation to take it to eleven.

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