A Spine Tingling Experience: The 13 Scariest Video Games of All Time

How did you celebrate Halloween?

Even though the festivities are over, it’s not too late to get in with the Halloween spirit. Catch up with some horror movies and some of the scariest video games.

Don’t fret if you don’t know which game to start out with; we’ve got you covered with our list below. Spook and scare yourself with the best horror games ight here.

The 13 Scariest Video Games of All Time

Here’s a list of our top 13 scariest video games of all time. From a cute dating sim to unapologetic gore, you’re sure to feel fright while playing these scary video games.

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  1. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2, while 18 years old, remains one of the best scariest video games of all time. It focuses on James Sunderland, looking for his wife named Mary after receiving a letter from her. However, Mary died three years prior to a chronic illness.

In the letter, Mary tells James that she awaits him in their special place. This pertains to the town of Silent Hill. The letter calls back to a promise that the couple had to return to the small and sleepy town.

James finds that the once beautiful town of Silent Hill is not as it used to be. An ominous fog covers the whole town, filled with grotesque creatures. This foreign version of Silent Hill serves as James’s personal hell.

It takes all of James’s guilt from the death of his wife and exploits them. The game has three main endings: Maria, In Water, and Leave. To discover where these endings lead to, play Silent Hill 2 on your PS2.

  1. Alien: Isolation 

Alien: Isolation is a horror survival game with weapons. However, you may find that your weapons are useless against the monster. Based on the 1979 film Alien by Ridley Scott, the game sets itself between the first movie and the sequel, Aliens.

From the beginning, you may feel impressed by the art direction and sound design. In the first hour of the game, Isolation lays down its premise.

This includes the characters, the setting, and the tone. The game revolves around two women, a mother and her daughter named Ellen and Amanda Ripley.

Throughout the game, a xenomorph stalks you through the dark space station. Its actions and movements are unpredictable and unscripted. The xenomorph makes Alien: Isolation one of the scariest games of all time.

  1. P.T

P.T made its name by being one of the best horror games on the PS4. The game took the internet by storm with the impending sense of dread throughout the game. P.T is not like most video games and has changed the standard of horror games for many.

In the game, you are stuck in a single, looping corridor that becomes more and more sinister. Each intricate design placed there by the developers is a calculated move. Small details help in building up the suspense and ambient panic in a player’s mind.

P.T does not focus on transient fears like monsters, ghouls, and zombies. Instead, it taps into your psychological fear and trauma. P.T operates on nightmare logic, choosing a linear game design.

Many may argue that this is the downfall of P.T. However, its obtuse puzzles are what make P.T such a great horror game.

  1. Fran Bow

This game tells the story of a young girl named Fran who struggles with a mental disorder. Fran is an orphan who witnessed the death of her parents and runs to the woods in shock. Fran’s only friend is a black cat named Mr. Midnight.

When Fran recovers from the loss of her parents, she finds herself in Oswald Asylum. Her beloved feline is missing, the mental institution only succeeds in oppressing them. When Fran has a dream about Mr. Midnight, she escaped the mental facility to find him and go home.

Many of the games on this list are 3D. Fran Bow is one of the few good horror games that uses a 2D art and animation style.

  1. Outlast

Outlast is a horror game known for its unforgiving takes on horror. Putting the story aside, Outlast has one of the best visuals in the horror game industry. Outlast takes away your ability to defend yourself, giving you only a camera to see in the dark.

However, your camera has a limited amount of battery. Aside from that, your only defense is to run and hide from the deranged patients of Mount Massive.

  1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia is a revolutionary horror game, first released in 2010. Amnesia was a horror game that became a turning point for YouTube content. You may recognize Pewdiepie and Markiplier from their bouts of horror.

Amnesia shares many similarities with the stories of H.P Lovecraft. The story revolves around Daniel, who wakes up in an empty castle with no memory. As Daniel, you find a letter from your past self, ordering you to kill Alexander.

While uncovering journal entries, Daniel gets haunted by visions and flashbacks. Amnesia extends your suffering by giving you a limited amount of sanity. All the while, you will get chased by the grotesque monsters that roam the castle.

  1. The Evil Within

The Evil Within focuses on Detective Sebastian Castellanos. He arrives at a crime scene in Beacon Memorial Hospital, accompanied by his partners Juli and Joseph. A hooded man appears to kill Sebastian’s fellow officers at KCPD.

After the perpetrator knocks him out, Sebastian wakes up in the basement of the hospital. He must then escape from a man who aims to maim him with a chainsaw. Sebastian’s escape does not stop there, however.

The game takes Sebastian in a hostile land of survival horror. The environment has traps littered all over it, killing you if you’re not careful.

  1. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is a linear puzzle game that revolves around a mysterious protagonist. While the game doesn’t require much skill, this Victorian psychological horror leaves a story for you to piece together. It may be difficult to understand the story of Layer of Fear in your first playthrough.

Depending on your decisions in key scenes, you can get three different endings. These are Formless, Flame, and Forever.

  1. Slender

Slenderman is one of the oldest creepypastas on the internet. Portrayed as a tall faceless man, Slender has a psychological effect on his victims. Slender is a limited game with only one goal: collect 8 pages.

The game drops you in an abandoned town with a haunted forest. This classic hunt-and-collect horror game remains one of the most influential games of its time.

  1. Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame is a Japanese horror survival game. The world of Fatal Frame immerses its players in a landscape of supernatural horrors. The first debut of the game consisted of five main entries of the story.

Each entry in the series focuses on a location in 1980s Japan. Each scenario calls the player to use Camera Obscura to help players capture spirits. With this device, you can also pacify the captured spirits.

  1. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive survival horror game laced with drama. First released in 2015, the game allows players to control eight characters. They go to a winter getaway cabin on Blackwood Mountain, hosted by their friends.

Until Dawn takes an unexpected turn towards half of its entire playthrough. From then, players leave the game wondering who the real villains and monsters are in the story. The game functions on a butterfly effect.

Every small decision you make will impact the outcome of your playthrough. Even though Until Dawn is not a multiplayer game, it’s a great option for playing with friends. Allow your friends to help you make each timed decision and watch as the story unfolds.

  1. SOMA

SOMA is a unique game in the horror genre, mixing with science fiction. This game tackles questions of identity, consciousness, and the link between your mind and body. SOMA is also a survival horror game, with exploration and puzzle-solving elements. `

SOMA leaves players with an unsettling layer of ambiguity. You may find yourself questioning and doubting everything around you. Your character, Simon, wakes up in an abandoned research facility.

However, the game continues with many unreliable narrators. If you’ve never played SOMA before, you’re in for a disconcerting experience.

  1. DokiDoki Literature Club

DokiDoki Literature Club, or DDLC, is one of the most unassuming games on this list. When you first see the game, the last thing you may think is that it’s a horror game. It starts out as a dating sim, focused on the lives of a small literature club in highschool.

Players may start having suspicions if you pay attention to its content warnings. Once a cute game, DDLC turns into a deep psychological horror game. It leads players down a dark path, telling stories or gore and emotional death.

While you grieve, the game doesn’t stop there. DDLC takes you down into a deeper spiral of horror. This game will leave you wondering if you ever had control over your choices.

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