The cost of living is rising at a concerning rate, and people worldwide are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. The outbreak of COVID-19 hit the global economy hard and slowed down the world economy, leading many companies to closure. People are losing jobs, and those who have one are struggling to survive in their meager incomes. On the other hand, the job market has become intensely competitive. For a single vacancy, recruiters receive more than a dozen applications; naturally, they cherry-pick the candidates, leaving the rest behind.

Experts predict a further increase in the price of everyday items. A vast majority is looking for other ideas to earn extra money and survive through these uncertain times. Today, we live in a technologically advanced world, where technological advancements have introduced different ways of getting some more money.

eBay is an international shopping website that facilitates customers and has converted consumers’ concepts to consumer sales.¬† The website has evolved in the past few years, and you can effortlessly enter a zip code and search for your desired item in the local market. One of the modern ways of earning money without going traditional to give interviews and getting hired is to make money through eBay.

Some tips that will help beginners get started in making money through eBay are as follows:

1. Learn The Functioning Of eBay

An old-age saying rings true that one needs to measure an ocean’s depth before stepping into the water. While the process of selling on eBay is straightforward, you must understand the functioning of the e-commerce website to avoid any mishaps. Beginners find the calculation on eBay a bit challenging as it does not have a simple process. The website Fast Intell has made a reputation for providing immaculate calculations and can be a best friend to beginners. It is better to get an eBay fee calculator on this site to have your estimates in place. Once you have a command on the website’s functioning, running a store on it will be a piece of cake.

2. Find your Niche

eBay has products of all kinds, and you may feel inclined to try numerous things simultaneously. The truth is people who try their hands at everything end with nothing. Several niches may attract you, and you might consider each one of them. For a good start, you need to focus on one thing and try your hands on it. If you think you possess knowledge about technical devices, it can be your niche, and you can purchase these items in bulk. Once you get your hands on your pack, you can sell them piece by piece at your set prices.

3. Set-up an eBay Store

eBay gives you the option of selling without opening a store and allows you to sell your things. If you want to keep earning passively for a longer duration, you should open an eBay store. Having your store gives you an edge over regular eBay selling. It provides you with a custom online store, lower final value fees, increased free listings, marketing tools, and many other advantages.

4. Quality over Quantity

Selling more things means more income and an increase in your reliability. Initially, people think selling more items will put them in a better spot and earn more money. In comparison, there is no harm in doing that they should focus on quality over quantity. It will be beneficial in the long run and will help them acquire reliable and long-lasting customers.

5. Ask for Testimonials

Online shopping is booming, and the COVID-19 pandemic has given it more hype. However, some people still prefer buying after checking items out physically. They fear the quality will not be as per their standards. Generally, people do not believe sellers are crooning about their services, but they find other authentic customer feedback. As a beginner, you can request your customers to post their positive experiences under your name, which will help you earn reliability.

6. Sell Extra Things at Your Home

We do not realize that we have surplus items until we have to move houses and pack the house contents. Most people possess many items that can accumulate to open a shop. Instead of letting extra things occupy space at your home, you can sell them on eBay and earn good money from it. As a beginner, when you struggle to find your niche, selling surplus household items on eBay might help determine your niche.

7. Search for Popular Products Locally

Search engines can be your best friend, and you can refer to them for almost anything. Many people choose to follow trends and do not think twice while buying ‘in’ products during a modern period. You can easily find fads on search engines and identify popular products. It will also help you determine your niche, and you can learn different ways of expanding your reach. Several websites and software allow you to find local trends, and you can take advantage of them and sell accordingly.

8. Get Things from Local Thrift Store

Eventually, you will run out of items from your home and have to look here to sell things on eBay. Thrift sores are ideal, and there you can easily find quality second-hand items, which you can sell at a significant margin. You can find popular objects in local thrift stores and purchase different things to sell smarter through eBay. Not only can you find the finest items to sell from your eBay account, but you can also get numerous items for yourself. After usage of a few months, you can also sell them on eBay.

9. Consider eBay as a Business

People often make the mistake of treating eBay as a second option and do not give it attention. Not replying to customers and inappropriately sending customers’ items will harm your reputation. Consider eBay as an appropriate business, have an inventory management system, pack things safely, and send your goods at the set time to earn trust from your customers.

10. Be Reliable 

Honesty is the key to success in running a business. Ensure that you display correct pictures of your products and deal with your customers truthfully. While it may seem that it is hurting your business initially, being honest will earn your customers’ trust. They will promote you in your social circles.


Staying home and making money was a fantasy for people of old ages. Thanks to technological advancements, it has become a reality now. eBay is a famous e-commerce website, and the process of selling here is simple. It is fast, reliable, and has a long stream of buyers.  Beginners may find it difficult initially, but you can learn a few tips to get started and make it a passive income source.