To Be a Spice Girl or a Scientist?

I just dropped Little Isis off at summer camp. It’s “Dress Like You’re Famous” Day.  He went to school in a look that seemed very much Matthew McConaughey-inspired, awesome shades and all.  I’m going to check him for dollar bills when he comes home.

As I was leaving, I heard one of his teachers yell with urgency in her voice, “Isis! Isis! We need you!!! It’s an emergency!!”  Usually when someone yells that, it’s because something not good is happening. My brain flipped to emergency mode and I turned back toward the group. I saw her emerging from a crowd of children. She was dressed like this. No joke.

posh spice

Figure 1: Becks!!

Running toward me, she yelled, “Isis! You can’t go to work today! We need you to stay here!! We all dressed up like the Spice Girls and we’re one short! We need you to stay and be our Ginger Spice! You’re perfect!!”

spice girls

Figure 2: For those of you with self-respect, who don’t waste your time with this sort of tomfoolery, Ginger Spice is the second from the right. I’m not proud that I know that.

She’s right. I would totally have been perfect. Plus, Ginger Spice was the one who rarely wore pants, which has always been my dream. If you think I didn’t seriously consider (for more than a minute) calling in sick to be Ginger Spice and spend the day with these awesome ladies and running amok with a bunch of not sick children, you are sadly mistaken.  I’d have had an excellent outfit…

posh shoes

Figure 3: Posh shoes…

But, as with most things, duty calls. Today, I’ll have to be the ever-responsible Dr. Isis on the outside. On the inside, though…

5 responses to “To Be a Spice Girl or a Scientist?

  1. What the everloving son of a motherfucken fucke is the middle Spice Girl wearing???? Some kind of incontinence apparel????

  2. Isis the Scientist

    I dunno, but it’s certainly not pants and that’s really enough for me.

  3. Obviously the answer is BOTH! This is why I stopped freaking out about my girl(s) loving all things shiny and pink and froofy – because it never occurred to them that scientists or engineers or teachers or whatever would NOT be dressed fabulously at all times. My 6-year-old is already jealous of the shoes I get to wear to work while she is stuck wearing sneakers on gym day.

  4. Wasn’t that the one also known as Old Spice?

  5. Can you wear Posh shoes if you’re Ginger Spice? I’m confused.

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