The Greatest Mentoring I’ve Ever Done…

Several months ago I saw my adorable little nephew and learned that at five years old, he had never seen Star Wars. I proceeded to spend the next several hours explaining to him why Darth Vader is the only character that ever mattered. Seriously. In any story. There is no feeling of awe and joy than that which I experience when Darth Vader enters the scene. The Imperial March makes my heart dance. Someday, when I win my Nobel, I want that played as I accept it.

This kid absorbed the Darth Vader knowledge I had to offer like a sponge. A little sponge that was to be easily seduced by the powers of the dark side. His mother seems exceptionally unamused, but today this appeared on her Facebook…

dark side

As I replied to her picture within moments of its posting, “For real, there is no mentoring I have done in my entire career that is more important than this…”

My work with this one is done.

One response to “The Greatest Mentoring I’ve Ever Done…

  1. Re both recent posts: having another discussion with another family about the fact that it is absolutely possible for 4 yr old Princesses to also want a lightsaber like Darth Vader.

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