Dr. Isis is back on Medium this week talking about “Leaning In”

Go over and check out what I have to say on the subject, complete with a return to hilarious photoshoppery.



7 responses to “Dr. Isis is back on Medium this week talking about “Leaning In”

  1. I don’t really like the Medium/Twitter integration so I am going to leave my comment here:

    One of the best things I have seen about work/life balance was a comment proflikesubstance posted on I think FSP’s blog (it was either her or your blog). I thought it was so true I copied and pasted it to a little file on my desktop. He said

    “The only ‘balance’ is in choosing which ball you are going to let drop today and deciding not to drop the same ball repeatedly. If you want to call that balance, feel free to amuse yourself.

    But to me, the key is that last part: don’t keep dropping the same ball. There will be days you miss important things with your kid, or push too much responsibility to your significant other. If those days build up you are looking for trouble. There also have to be days where you say ‘I can’t make that meeting’ or ‘I can’t be in the field that long’ in order to go home early.”

    I think that is so true–we are not going to always be able to have everything in balance at the same time, but as long as we are not repeatedly ignoring the same thing then we are likely keeping afloat. I give myself permission to sometimes work late to get things done, and other times ignore work to spend time with my kid. I have so much less stress when I think about what I need to do right now, and focus on that little bit. I still have my long term plans and goals, but if I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with my child I will leave work early. And if I have a deadline, I will stay late and finish it.

    Everyone’s situation is different and we each need to find what works for balance, and what our acceptable range if imbalance is.

  2. stitchscience

    I hope you don’t mind me leaving this comment here. This really resonated with me, im entering final year of my Phd, in my mid-late twenties and swamped by life in general. My health has taken a running jump, particularly recently all because I am trying to have it all. Im riddled with guilt about failing at life (mainly due to having missed time with health issues). You got me on a day where im trying not to get upset as i wasnt well enough to go in to my lab.
    Just been aware that others have gone through and that there are ways of dealing with it has taken the edge off a bit.Thank you.

  3. Isis the Scientist

    You can only do what you can reasonably accomplish. Don’t be afraid to reach out for the tools to help you succeed.

  4. stitchscience

    That is something im thankfully learning. Beginning to put a decent support network inplace. Also learning how to say no. I was just so relieved that others have been through it. It’s not something that is overly talked about it in the field. So many people put up the sunshine and lollipops front when it comes to work life balance. I think it is more empowering to be honest about it, also it lets others know that it is okay to not be absolutely perfect all of the time.

  5. I have no idea yet as to whether I would like to start a family or not… But if I do, I will keep this idea of support networks in mind. I’ll even think of it when dealing with colleagues with little kids. Maybe they’ll be happy if I ask to borrow their kids for an evening so I can legally play with my lego again ;)

  6. I don’t really like the Medium/Twitter integration

    Join the fucken clubbe! That shitte is a motherfucken nightmare! What kind of fucken blogge makes you join fucken twitter just to leave a motherfucken comment????

  7. Isis the Scientist

    Blah, blah, blah.

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