A New Way to Skinny Dip! (With Greek Yogurt)

If there are two things I am absolutely sick of right now it’s fat free dressing and Yoplait.  Seriously. Fuck those guys.  This afternoon I found myself thinking that if I have to have one more mid-afternoon snack of veggies and ranch and flavored yogurt and I may seriously choke someone.  It’s not the veggies I hate.  I mean, what the hell did a vegetable ever do wrong?  It’s the soul-less dressing and yogurt I have come to despise.  Fat free dressing really is wretched, no matter what we tell ourselves and, short of dropping a couple of cookies in, I simply could not bear another faux-fruit yogurt.

So, recently I was at Target and browsed around for an alternative.  I came across some little packets of instant soup mix.  I remember my grandmother making spinach dip and French onion dip when I was a kid. Oh, how I parked myself in front of those trays at family gatherings.  This all sounded really good and I figured I would mix a packet of soup mix with some fat free sour cream and attempt to relive my childhood glory.  That’s when I saw this sitting next to the sour cream…

Skinny Dip 4

Greek yogurt!  Now. I am sure that I am not the first one to think about substituting Greek yogurt for things, but I feel like this was an original thought, so let’s roll with that.

I have previously avoided Greek yogurt for a couple of reasons.  First, most packages of Greek yogurt I ran across had way too many points because they were flavored with real sugar and I had previously been stingy with my points.  Some of the fat free non-American yogurts I’ve tried on a whim were wretched. Some containers were huge and I have been trying to buy things that are portable and in individuals containers.  Seeing plain, individually-sized fat free Greek yogurt, in a brand I hadn’t decided was gross, was a good find and, feeling adventurous, I gave it a whirl.  Oh, how deliciously I gave it a whirl.

Here’s why substituting Greek yogurt into things is a glorious idea. This is the nutritional profile of fat free dressing:

Skinny Dip 2

There’s nothing of any nutritional value in this bottle.  Six carbs and some salt. Now, take a look at Greek yogurt…

Skinny Dip 3

That’s a hearty helping of protein and calcium.  To get a great veggie dip, I mixed one container of this with 1/2 tablespoon of French onion soup mix.   The whole container has two points, but I ended up splitting it over lunch and a snack because it was a lot of food.  With lunch I coupled  the half container with a tuna sandwich and apple for 6 very satisfying points….


With ranch and veggie soup packets still to try, fat free dressing is dead to me.


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15 responses to “A New Way to Skinny Dip! (With Greek Yogurt)

  1. I substitute nonfat greek yogurt for sour cream and mayo in nearly everything I cook. Adds so much extra protein without all the fat!

  2. That looks really good, I love onion dip but feel too guilty eat it! I eat a lot of greek yogurt so have to try it. Another reliable snack is a hard boiled egg and an apple/piece of fruit, they are even starting to sell packs of 2 peeled hard boiled eggs at places like 7-11 and the airport, which at least is a choice with more protein and less chemicals than other stuff you can find on the fly.

  3. Isis the Scientist

    I love hard boiled eggs for a quick snack away from home in a pinch. We have a couple of convenience stores in the area that sell them pre-peeled and all so they are super easy to grab on the fly. Great suggestion!

  4. Sounds like the day I realized I could use it in place of (some) of the fattening dairy products when I make mashed potatoes.

    Turns out that there are very few things that Greek Yogurt can’t do. With some cinnamon and sweetener of your choice, it’s also a pretty nice sweet dip for your apples. Plus all! that! protein!

  5. Greek Gods is a good brand to buy, but doesn’t have much variety (at least locally – regular, low fat, and a couple of flavored varieties). But if you’re mixing your own stuff, or using it in place of sour cream, it works well.

  6. Excellent discovery! I think weightloss/healtht eating is a lifestyle change one gradually moves toward and things like fat free this and low carb that taste so damn awful and flat its impossible to make the change. I cut out all yoghurt except the greek kind and now im really looking forward to trying it with soup mixes.

  7. I don’t like the consistency of Greek style yoghurt, but low fat plain yoghurt works just as well! Also in the UK we get salad cream in a reduced calorie variety. Tis gooooood.

  8. Oh man, I thought I was the only person who did this! I love Tader Joe’s Greek yogurt (plain or fruit, and the plain is way cheaper too). I put the plain in spinach dip in place of the sour cream (and some but not all the mayo). And sometimes I make my own using a probe thermometer and a heating pad. (Really easy, I use Alton Brown’s method.)

  9. I’m way too cheap to pay for Greek yogurt, although I love the consistency. I’ve found that if I buy the store brand of plain yogurt (I go with the full-fat, but I think this works with other styles too) and get a hunk of cheesecloth or a clean dishtowel and dump it all in the fabric, knot up the top and let it drip on the counter for about 4-5 hours (heck, let it sit while you’re at work – it’s yogurt), the whey drains off. It leaves a delightfully thick yogurt behind.

    I hang mine with a hunk of twine from one of the coffee hooks on our cupboard all day and it’s done when I’m home from work. Please don’t harsh my buzz by telling me I’m risking it spoiling or whatever. Ignorance is bliss (says the non-scientist) :)

  10. Isis the Scientist

    I would never harsh anyone’s yogurt buzz.

  11. I’m seeing your post and this (http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/01/stop-everything-greek-yogurt-hummus-is-half-t.html) together today. I’ve never tried Greek Yogurt. I guess it’s about time…

  12. I mix greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, mustard and a little curry powder to make an excellent low-fat egg salad.

  13. Mustard is excellent on veggies!

  14. Isis the Scientist

    That is an abomination.

  15. Anything on veggies is an abomination, in my book.

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