On the 1st Day of Fruitcake That Gerty Gave to Me…

…I ate it with some honey.



For those of you who may not follow my hijinx on Twitter (and by that I mean the one person who doesn’t follow them on Twitter), a few months ago dear friend of the blog Gerty-Z lamented that her grandparents had sent her a fruitcake. I commented that I happen to love fruitcake and so Gerty-Z, ungrateful grandchild that she is, sent it to me.

Initially I feared that the postal carriers had known what precious cargo was contained in the box…


Thankfully, the content appeared to not be tampered with.

Now, I wanted to enjoy this delightful fruity and nutty novelty, but I was hesitant to unwrap it before I left for vacation lest it get stale. Knowing that fruitcake wrapped in plastic would survive a nuclear winter, I opted to wait until we returned. Then tonight, I finally unsheathed the beast.


For anyone else as interested in fruitcake as I am, I intend to enjoy this glorious confection over the next 12 nights. I hope that Gerty-Z will express my sincerest of thanks for her dear, sweet, thoughtful grandmama for me.

The first night’s trove was delicious.


10 responses to “On the 1st Day of Fruitcake That Gerty Gave to Me…

  1. THAT TIN! My family used to get a gift fruit-cake every year in that exact tin – and I was the only one in my family who liked it so I ate it all. What is the name of that brand??? I need to get my hands on it for next year!

  2. A. Marina Fournier

    I actually have eaten a few extraordinary fruitcakes in my time. One in So. Cal. had rum in it, and lots of butter–how should I not like that? I admit to not liking glacĂ©ed fruits–to eat or to work with–but ordinary dried fruits are fine with me, and go in my stollen every year. Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola has a chocolate-apricot one that’s not bad. Wish I knew where the library director got that fruitcake every year–was not H&D’s for sure.

  3. I can’t believe you actually ate that. Or that you were worried about it going stale. It’s a fucking fruitcake! <3 you

  4. Isis the Scientist

    Not only did I eat it, I savored it. Wait until you see what else I have in store for fruitcake.

  5. I love fruitcake. It’s nice to meet another believer. I made Alton Brown’s Free Range Fruit Cake. It was delicious

  6. Isis the Scientist

    Sounds good. Gerty Can send those next!

  7. I wouldn’t feed that stuff to a bichon!

  8. Collin Street Bakery does make good fruitcakes, but they’re nothing next to mine. I use white raisins, dried apricots, dried cherries, and dried cranberries — no glazed stuff. Real butter. Didn’t make any this year because I’ve gone gluten-free, and didn’t have the energy to adapt the recipe from wheat flour to some combo of gluten-free flours. Next year, though…

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