On the Importance of Viable Alternative Careers

I have been giving my career a lot of thought this morning and, the only thing I can conclude is that if this all doesn’t work out, I am going to try to become Alla Kushnir.

Because, seriously, who wouldn’t want a job wear you wear minimal clothing and light dudes on fire???

5 responses to “On the Importance of Viable Alternative Careers

  1. Why during that video did they keep showing shots of a freaky bald dude and an accountant or whatever in a fucked uppe flowery shirt?

  2. Those are Ukranian professors, demonstrating how much stress they have on their jobs.

  3. And, as in most things, flexibility is the key.

  4. Isis the Scientist

    Because those guys are hilarious!!!!

  5. I would not be caught dead in that shirt–I would rise up from my casket and denounce the person who dressed me that way.

    Still not certain why the guys’ headgear was lit. Nothing more was done with them–why were the even there?

    I’m an ATS/ITS belly dancer–she’s a cabaret style–but she’s certainly got her technique down. I have not mastered stomach flutters.

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