Grant Proposals as Haiku

Even in the modern version, a Haiku is a  very short poem, with a set formula of syllables or on. Beyond that, it contains a juxtaposition of two ideas, and a reference to nature. The format and aspects of content are set, or it is not a haiku.

But within that form you can express whatever you like – the world is grand or my mother-in-law sucks (the sound of a whirlpool, for example). Chocolate is my love and my demon or I have my doubts about Heisenberg.

The choice to write a Haiku or an NIH grant, of course, is yours.

13 responses to “Grant Proposals as Haiku

  1. The colours of Fall
    Are tempting me to go out
    Not sit and write grants.

  2. To convince readers
    That my research is worthy
    Long must I toil.

  3. Bleary eyes and numb mind
    Try to refresh with water
    That was hair gel – not soap

  4. My project is great
    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please
    Give me money, please.

  5. is there going to be a prize (or at least praise) for what you consider the best Haiku – or the best grant app, if that is what anyone chooses to write?


  6. Leaves gently curl
    A copper dance in the cooling wind
    Please fund my shit.

  7. behind the window
    leaves falling, circling downwards
    of(f) thinking, of(f) trees

  8. @d – this reminds me of a good joke :-)
    But writing a grant is its own reward, and likewise the haiku.

  9. We could have a vote – “the Readers’ Choice Award”.


  10. Scientist wannabe

    The search for knowledge
    requires funding to proceed.
    Begging is a bitch

  11. If someone explains
    her project in Haiku form
    she deserves a grant.

  12. The leaves curl and blow
    budgets, science, plans. Grant!
    What? Another cut?

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