Stuff About Blogging That Cracks Me Up

Forgive me a moment of navel gazing, self-referential shenanigans today.  We’ll get back to very important discussions in a bit.  But, at this moment I am amused at the way some people find this site…


Either four people found me today by search for “wife with rubber gloves in cow ass”, in which case I’ll tell you that I am shocked that so many people are into their wives having their arms in a cow’s ass…

…Or, I am so hilarious that the same person came back here four times but couldn’t remember the URL each time and just repeated the same search four times.

I also confess that I am impressed at the apparent fidelity of this person, insisting that it be their wife with the cow’s ass enveloped arm and not just some random big-tittied broad off the street.

I also confess to such a curiosity that I googled “wife with rubber gloves in cow ass” from my work computer.  I can only tell you that I have now seen things that I can never unknow and that I hope my browsing history is never subpoenaed for any purpose.  I also fully realize that by posting this, I am going to become a hot destination for people looking for pictures of their wives groping cow colons.

17 responses to “Stuff About Blogging That Cracks Me Up

  1. I’m only leaving a comment so you know someone is still reading. There is really nothing to say about this, that you haven’t already said.


  2. Isis the Scientist

    Oh noes! Did I lose my whole readership over cow asses???

  3. You are well timed with Radiolab. Two days in a row I’m exposed to the idea of sticking arms into cows. Two days in a row that it doesn’t sound all that appealing.

  4. And I can’t unread this, either.

  5. saffronrose

    I gather the lady was not a Large Animal vet?

  6. Oh you blog whore! trolling for hits again!

  7. I am sure I can’t be the only member of the readership who routinely does put an arm into the cow. In fact I think I recall you posting a letter from a vet student some years ago. So maybe the search is was somehow topically appropriate!
    (Sarah, it is less unpleasant and more interesting than it sounds, although it does make the arm tired.)

  8. venividiris

    Don’t they make cows with windows for this sort of thing?

  9. Bovine Liberation Front

    you’re bothered by this, but not that people found you by using ‘s*xy schoolgirls f******’ ?

  10. or by women f’s animal? I would be bothered by this. Actually, I have seen a women with a rubber glove up to her shoulder in pig uterus. A sight I will never unsee.

  11. Isis the Scientist

    I suppose I am less bothered because I see those search terms every day. The glove and cow’s ass search term was really novel, so it caught my eye.

  12. Estas son las mañanitas
    sin dormir en Tel-Aviv
    y como te extraño tanto
    espero verte en Madrid.

    No te olvides de los versos,
    de las flores ni del sol
    y si en Madrid no te vemos
    te encontraré en Nueva York

  13. It’s the “American Apparel” that should really embarrass you….

  14. venividiris: Yes, they are called fistulated cows.

  15. I, for one, am happy to know that those searching for sexy schoolgirls fucking will get a hot dose of wifely cow ass action.

  16. Maybe the guy has 4 wives.

  17. Becca, I can’t stop snickering over your conclusion. Good one!

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