Woman Tangled Up in Chains

I frequently wish that there were a way to convey to my spouse what it is like to be essentially a prisoner to a little person for 2 years.  Not that I regret my decision to have another child.  Not in the least.  But, even when I am away from her, I still belong to her.

It’s hard to be perfect.

3 responses to “Woman Tangled Up in Chains

  1. * It is not a matter of being perfect, it just IS and it has to be lived with
    * but yes you are prisoner to your kids (and, emotionally, for a lot longer than 2 yrs).
    *And yes, no-one else understands unless they have given birth; no matter how sympathetic the father of the child is, or a maiden auntie, there is no way anyone understands who is not a mother.

    But it is nice anyway. Certainly the best thing that ever happened to me – even now, when my kids are adults.


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  3. Thank you, Dr Isis, for putting my amorphous feelings into words. I am a working mom with one-year old twins. All is not right in my world — even if I am doing exactly what I want to be doing — until I am back under their beloved tyranny.

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